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Question on choosing a university & masters program...

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I currently have a bachelor's of computer science, and I'm interested in attending graduate school to get a master's of computer science.

I'm particularly interested in these topics:
*Physics simulations / general visual & interactive simulations - This seems to be a bit harder to find
*3D Graphics Rendering - This is more common, though not every unviersity is really strong here
*Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning - This is reasonably common, though specializations vary

These skills can both be useful in game programming and in a number of other real world applications (ie aircraft simulations and robotics). I would be interested in gaining the skills such that I could alternately work on game programming or other applications. I'm mainly intersted in using more math & algorithms while developing but still doing something visual in nature. I'm currently working in IT.

It doesn't necessarily have to be a top school like Carnegie Mellon or MIT. Those schools can be hard to get into (though I might still apply if I can).

I'm currently seeing which schools I can still apply at for fall 2012, and if that doesn't work out I'll apply for spring 2013.
I've currently applied at:
*Texas A&M
*The University of Southern California

Does anyone have suggestions on what schools are good for the needs I cited above?

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