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Creating a custom vertex for use in Vertex Shader

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Basically i'm trying to create a custom vertex and use it in my vertex shader. The vertex is simply a standard position colored vertex, but i want to add an integer value as well. I cant seem to figure out what vertexformat and vertex semantic to use for this integer value. I've tried using the pointsize and blendindices formats/semantics, but the shader doesnt seem to recognize any value a set for scale.

How can i use an integer value in my custom vertex?

Heres an example of my vertex structure as defined in my program (VB.Net):

<System.Runtime.InteropServices.StructLayout(Runtime.InteropServices.LayoutKind.Sequential)> _
Public Structure PositionColoredScale
Public Position As Vector3
Public Color As Integer
Public Scale As Integer
Public Shared ReadOnly Format As VertexFormat = VertexFormat.Position Or VertexFormat.Diffuse Or VertexFormat.None
Public Shared ReadOnly Property SizeInBytes() As Integer
Return System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.SizeOf(GetType(PositionColoredScale))
End Get
End Property
End Structure

Here's the structure in my shader:

struct VSInputVcScl
float4 Position : POSITION;
float4 Color : COLOR;
uint Scale : BLENDINDICES0;

Thanks guys.

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I could do that, but i dont see how that solves my problem. I'm after the correct semantic/vertex format to use for passing an arbitary integer (or a float) value to the shader. I want the GPU to ignore this value, it will only be used by me in some calculations.

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I think there may be something wrong at other places.

Additionally,I find D3DFVF_SPECULAR is DWORD, but i haven' never used.

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