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SolidShaper - A tool for creating shapes

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Hi everyone!

I'm here to announce the release of my software, SolidShaper.

What's it for?
When using a collision detection or physics engine, we may encounter a problem, how do we create the shapes to be used in the engine?
We may of course generate them from existing tile maps or so, but this method may not be very efficient when you have a complex or abstract map.
We can also choose to use a vector graphics software like Inkscape, export them as svg, and load them in our game. However, writing an svg reader is quite a hassle, and since it's meant for vector graphics, it contains a lot of information that are useless for our games.

Here, I present to you SolidShaper.
With SolidShaper, you can create shapes in a simple and straightforward way, and export them as shape data (.ssf).
The file format is so simple you can just read and edit it with notepad if you wish to.
To make things even simpler, I've also written an import library for C++ and C#, and will do so too for Python and Java, and maybe a few other languages soon.

Please visit the project page for more information and of course, to download it:

The import libraries are also available on the same page (SSFile).

SolidShaper is released as a donationware.
It's free to download and use for both personal and commercial use.
However, if you like it, you may show your support by making a donation.

Here are some screenshots (more screenshots available on project page):




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