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Unity Web player/control

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This is for the purpose of research.
How to render a 3D scene or object in a web browser just like what unity web player or a flash player is doing? How was these two players were made?
Are these two ActiveX controls or something?

How to handle if it will be played in a different web browsers or different OS?

I am not refereing to rendering using WebGL in a java script but a player just like flash or unity3d web player.

Can you guys point me to the right direction or perhaps give me the correct search keywords for google? :)


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Are these two ActiveX controls or something?[/quote]

Basically, yes. They are a native plugin, built for the OS they run on.

How to handle if it will be played in a different web browsers or different OS?[/quote]

You write one version for each browser/OS combination.

There is usually some sort of kernel, specific to each OS (iOS, Windows, Linux) and each variant of subsystem (32/64-bit, DX/OGL), which gives you 6 combinations at minimum. Under Linux you'll likely need to support at least major distros, so there's Ubuntu, Redhat, Gentoo, both 32 and 64-bit variants. On Windows there's a distinction between XP and Vista/7, again 32 and 64 bit. For iOS it might perhaps be enough to support only last two major revisions.

Once done with that, each of these needs to be wrapped into suitable plugin API for each supported browser. That means IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. There might be issues with 32/64 bit interactions since some of those browsers might not be available as such directly.

Also, the new IE in Windows 8 will not support plugins, so Unity, Flash, etc won't work, which means you'll need to provide a Metro version as a standalone app/download.

All of the above applies only to the common desktops, it doesn't include smartphones or tablets.

If it isn't clear from the above, there is no way at all for a non-multi-million company to do something like that. We're talking hundreds of man-years of effort. Use Flash/Unity or write native app for each system, it will be much faster and simpler.

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thanks for the reply you have pointed me to the right direction for my research.

anyways, i have additional question,

How was the resource such as 3D mesh, textures, sounds, etc are loaded in a web-based(plugin/activex) games?
are the resources compressed together with the control? were it downloaded to user machine? or is it loaded in a remote server?

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