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OpenGL Front Buffer Corruption

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Hi All,

I'm having a strange intermittent issue with an opengl app using wglsharelists I have running on a multi-device-multi-monitor setup.

The Question:
I am wondering if anyone has had similar issues and if they can remember how they resolved it or point me in a direction to track this down. Specifically with regard to how wglsharelists and opengl contexts behave when focus is lost.

The Detail:
The game will start and run in fullscreen mode correctly no problems. When you switch focus to another application and then switch back to the game about 20% of the time the game will reappear with the secondary screen showing a garbled output whilst the primary is okay. This garbled output if you can imagine is like seeing the secondary screen rendered twice side by side with alternate pixel blocks of roughly 8x8 pixels correct on each 'version' of what should be displayed. The main screen output remains correct.

My Theories:
At first I thought it might be a lost device type issue but opengl for the most part is not troubled by dropping out of focus etc. in the same way as directx.

My next thought is resource cleanup or access could be wrong or maybe a memory leak. As I have tested the system using a single device on multiple monitors without any problems I would suspect a resource issue rather than a memory leak.

I have recently altered my display code to allow any monitor in a multi monitor system to be regarded as the primary monitor. So I am pretty sure the fault will lie in this new system. Perhaps I am releasing or not releasing resources correctly or I may be marking the wrong opengl context to the texture resources?

Thanks in advance,


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