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Just a noob that needs a little help :)

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Robin123    100
OK guys. This is going to sound really stupid to a whole lot of you. I thought I knew how games were I'm not so sure. I know almost nothing about programming (i am only half way through my first java book). I need to know how this all works.

I assumed that in the process of making a game there were two sides: the programming (the stuff that makes it do something) and the graphics/animations (the stuff you see).

Lets say I write a programme that contains a virtual cube. This programme says that when the player takes a certain action (a click or a swipe) the cube rotates. This on its own is useless unless the "player" can see the outcome of his or her actions.

So then I create a graphic that shows up as a cube and, when the player takes the required action, the animation of the cube rotating is shown.

In essence, I thought you create a programme that informs the visuals of a game. Is that how it works?

The reason i am asking this is because i wanted to make a simple numbers game for android. This was my eventual goal and the reason i started learning Java. I am at the point where i know how i would make my word game using Java but i dont know how i could go about making it look pretty like the Osmos game :P


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Zael    154
It sounds to me, like what you are asking how to display graphics on the screen instead of just text?

If so this is normally done via a library or system API. I don't know the libraries to do this with pure Java, but on Android there is an example program that may get you started in the right direction: [url=""]http://developer.and...nder/index.html[/url]

Another example app on Android specifically is: [url=""]http://developer.and...nake/index.html[/url]

If you need a faster frame rate than those will allow I recommend looking into AndEngine. I have used it, and found it to be a pretty good 2d library for Android backed by OpenGL ES.

Hopefully that helps.

P.S. I strongly recommend reading up on the Android Application life cycle before starting an Android game.

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