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Tinting a face in 3ds Max 2012 (Minecraft)

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Minecraft uses a few grayscale textures that get tinted depending on whatever biome the block currently resides in. Strictly speaking, that means one must tint the grayscale texture in 3ds Max to create minecraft cg.While tinting the entire terrain.png file is easy by using a color map in a standard material, I am not quite sure how to only tint one specific area of a texture.

This mainly applies to leaves and grass (pictures below):



As you can see, the top of the grass block and the leaf block are not tinted green. I would like to use some object-specific tinting method so I only need to use one terrain.png file and be able to create grass/leaves of all shades just by adjusting the tint amount.

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With shaders is easy (and can be done without shaders using texture combiners).
Use the alpha channel as mask, 1 = tintable areas, 0 = non-tintable areas
In pseudocode:
Final color = (texture.a-1) * texture.rgb + (texture.a) * tintcolor.rgb

(You can also multiply the tintcolor.rgb by the texture.rgb if you want)

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