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Setting a material for a mesh with .fx

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I seem to be having a problem figuring out how to set a meshs materials using .fx shaders
In the shader fx its not letting define a Mtrl handle like this,

texture g_txScene;
Mtrl gMtrl;

ive tried Material ,material and both cause the exe to crash sad.png

to render i am doing this

effect->Begin(NULL, NULL); // begin using the effect
effect->BeginPass(0); // begin the pass

for(DWORD i = 0; i < numMaterials; i++) // loop through each subset
// render whatever

effect->SetValue(Material,&material, sizeof(material)));
meshSpaceship->DrawSubset(i); // draw the subset


effect->EndPass(); // end the pass
effect->End(); // end the effect

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Material is rather a thing from the fixed pipeline processing.
You would set the values separately as vectors.
Explicit update of each stucture's compoment would help.
It consist of float4 values and one simple float.
Everything would be passed to the shader.
Of course you need global variables in the effect.

P. S.
Everything or only needed parameters smile.png

You would ask the question here also:

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