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Extending Game Features + GUI Rendering, Some Tips?

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OK so I'm trying to extend some features of an older game that is no longer supported by the manufacturer. I have injected a DLL into the game and I have hooked the call to EndScene for rendering, I have a pointer to the IDirect3D9Device, and I have hooked its DispatchMessage call for input.

I have looked into various GUI rendering librarys such as CEGUI (but this project is rather large and has a lot of dependencies) and GWEN (this project is light weight but the way it takes input it is bad for me).

I saw some stuff on here about DXUT and rendering Windows Controls on here but I am unsure of how to proceed.

Say I created a dialog with a few controls on it using winapi, how would I go about rendering these to the DX backbuffer/surface without flickering?
Any tips or tutorials on something that would be helpful is appreciated!

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