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Neuroarena - Lisp, Erlang and Flash combo for the best real-time strategy in browser

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Hi guys,
we would like to announce Neuroarena - a fresh and fast online multiplayer real-time strategy with some twists:
- there is no installation since the front-end is in Flash - just click "Play Now" on www.neuroarena.com to check it out (no registration needed)
- there is no collecting of resources, just collect units while fighting! ;)
- the game is fast and situation changes rapidly over whole 10 minutes for each fight

Multiplayer is fully functional - just go to "Multiplayer" and click on "Fight" which will show you a link.
Then, you can either email or IM this link to your friend where he will just click on "Fight",
or wait for some other player wanting to fight and the system will connect you automatically.

From the technological point of view, we think Neuroarena is the first game service with commercial appeal where core backend is written purely in Common Lisp (not one line of C/C++ used!).
Erlang is used for the website and whole community and resource management with persistence.
Flash is a visual console on the client.

Enjoy, and please let us know what you think!

Karol Skocik from Masshuro, independent game company

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I really wish I didn't duplicate the subject by mistake, now it looks a bit overloaded wink.png Edited by swiftcoder

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Looks very cool and quite polished. Congrats on bringing it through to fruition.

Thanks for kind words, it's a result of almost 5 years of work (mostly part-time).

Karol, from Masshuro, independent game company

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