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Help with my Positing/Logic/Progamming for 2D game client (C#)

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This is the planned format for my 2d game and client. I'm using regular C# express.

Right now I'm dealing with positioning.

Namely I have 3 sets of X,Y values

1) Client XY (1280,800)
2) Visible Map XY (480,480) (with 32 pixel titles = 15 titles squared) (*starts at client w400,h50)
3) Loaded Map XY (1440,1440) (with 32 pixel titles = 45 tiles squared)

I'm a bit disgrunteled that as I currently have it setup my play map is in the middle of my screen so that it's X,Y has a
different value from that of the overall client window. My question is how do others deal with it, do they somehow plug
all the graphics into it's own mini-window like a panel or something else or do they just deal with it.

At this point, I need to

load the whole map
position the player on the loaded map
draw the 480x480 visible map around the player

I guess the two things I'm thinking about as problems are having to indent everything from the full client size and
trying to figure out a way to load everything into it's own visible object like a panel so that XY starts at 0,0.

I'm sure someone who has done this before must have some advice, please keep in simple. :)

Any comments/advice/suggestions are welcome.

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