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Scott Macleman

Advice required: DirectX7 => XNA

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I'm hoping to get some advice; I really want to get the old terrarium project (http://terrarium2.codeplex.com/) running again, but I dont know anything about graphics, directx etc.

The way I see it it runs DirectX7 which does not work on windows 7, so I figured there was two options.

1) upgrade it to run a later version of DirectX

2) try and rewrite with XNA

I've spent a fair amount of time trying to rewrite it in DX11 now, but to no avail - I cant seem to find the corresponding line in SlimDX:

DirectX7 directX = new DirectX7();

So now I've spent even more time trying to rewrite the renderer with XNA, it compiles; finally... but I get a reflection error that it can't load Microsoft.Xna.Framework.dll which is just baffling me now, I can't see where it is calling this from.

Could someone suggest which would be my best chance of success?



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Either routes will work.

Since DX 10 the api has changed dramatically and the calls to create the DirectX object have been removed, and replaced with standard C API functions to create the device and swap chain.

public static Result Device.CreateWithSwapChain(DriverType driverType, DeviceCreationFlags flags,
FeatureLevel[] featureLevels, SwapChainDescription swapChainDescription, out Device device, out SwapChain swapChain);

This function achieves the same thing without the need to create a D3D object first, this is taken from slimdx tutorial.

In the XNA case is the dll added as a reference to the project>?

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I get the error {"Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {E1211353-8E94-11D1-8808-00C04FC2C602} failed due to the following error: 80040154."}System.Exception {System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException} when trying to run it - I have downloaded the dll's that are required and registered them but that did not seem to make a difference.

I think I might go down the XNA route - The DirectX stuff baffles me much more - at least I can kinda Get my head around how the SpriteBatch works.

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