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VC# 2010, Edit-and-continue and Win64

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Hi, does anyone here know when edit and continue can be used with Visual C# 2010 on Windows 7 x64? I can't use it with my current projects, but I occasionally stumble upon projects where it work.. I assume it's some project setting, but I can't figure out what it is..? Also, does anyone know why it doesn't work in when it doesn't?

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If his target is x86, he's obviously not targeting phones. XNA still supports PC and 360.

Assuming PC.

Edit and continue has several restrictions:
- x86 only (as stated earlier). I really have no idea why this is true, since it's easier to write automatically relocating code for x64. NOTE: the operating system doesn't matter, just the running process. Running x86 process on x64 OS will allow edit-and-continue.
- Functions that contain closures (anonymous methods, lambda expressions) cannot be modified at runtime.
- Functions that contain yield statements cannot be modified at runtime.
- You cannot add/remove class members at runtime.
- Edit and continue must be enabled in Options -> Debugging -> Edit and Continue
- The program must be suspended (hit a breakpoint, manually paused, or single stepping) before you can edit the code.

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