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Alex F

How to place sprite in D3D window (DX10) for 2D rendering

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I need to place sprite in a Direct3D window to display 2D image as a texture. The whole 3D scene should be in orthogonal projection. I have the following variables:

int m_nWindowWidth = 1600; // window client area width
int m_nWindowHeight = 1200; // window client area height
int m_nImageWidth = 1024; // image width
int m_nImageHeight = 1024; // image height
ID3D10Device* m_pDevice;
ID3DX10Sprite* m_pSprite;
D3DX10_SPRITE m_SpriteDefinition; // used in m_pSprite->DrawSpritesImmediate

The sprite should be placed with "best fit" in the client area, for given values sprite size should be 1200*1200, starting from (200, 0) point. I have the sample code which sets arbitrary values for the sprite placement, and need to calculate these values according to my requirements:

D3D10_VIEWPORT viewPort;

viewPort.Width = ??;
viewPort.Height = ??;
viewPort.MinDepth = ??;
viewPort.MaxDepth = ??;
viewPort.TopLeftX = ??;
viewPort.TopLeftY = ??;

m_pDevice->RSSetViewports(1, &viewPort);

D3DXMatrixOrthoOffCenterLH(&matProj, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??);

D3DXMATRIX matTranslation;
D3DXMatrixTranslation(&matTranslation, ??, ??, ??);

D3DXMATRIX matScaling;
D3DXMatrixScaling(&matScaling, ??, ??, ??);
m_SpriteDefinition.matWorld = (matScaling * matTranslation);

Please help me to replace all ?? with correct values - general formula or just the values with small explanation, since I don't know the theory behind D3D matrices. Thank you.

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