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Graphics Context Error

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I cannot for the life of me, figure out why this code doesn't work.
I keep getting two errors that I defined in try catch statements: dbImage is null and Graphics Context Error: java.lang.NullPointerException
These appear every frame.
I know this is a lot of code, but I want to include anything that could affect it. I'm also leaving out a lot of functions that work with the running of the game not the rendering.

Anyways, the errors are coming from the BufferImage and RenderImage functions

import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import javax.swing.*;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import com.sun.j3d.utils.timer.J3DTimer;
public class PlatformEngine extends JPanel implements Runnable{
//Window Variables
public static int PWIDTH = 520;
public static int PHEIGHT = 400;
public static PlatformEngine game = new PlatformEngine();

//Method Specific Variables
public boolean running = false;
public Thread th = new Thread(this);
public int cycleTime = 15;
public int MAX_FRAME_SKIPS = 5;

public Player player = new Player();

private Graphics dbg;
private Image dbImage = null;
public PlatformEngine(){
setPreferredSize(new Dimension(PWIDTH,PHEIGHT));

//Start game thread

//Game Functions
public void run(){
//Updates, Buffers, and Renders the game each frame
//These variables are used to standardize the framerate
long beforeTime,afterTime,timeDiff,sleepTime;
long overSleepTime = 0L;
long excess = 0L;
int skips = 0;

beforeTime = J3DTimer.getValue();

running = true;

afterTime = J3DTimer.getValue();
timeDiff = afterTime - beforeTime;
sleepTime = cycleTime - timeDiff;

excess -= sleepTime;

}catch(Exception e){}
while((excess > cycleTime) && (skips<MAX_FRAME_SKIPS)){
UpdateGame(); //Update but don't render

public void UpdateGame(){
//Updates the game
/* This involves:
- checking and handling the active status of entities
- checking collisions

public void BufferImage(){
if(dbImage == null){
dbImage = createImage(PWIDTH,PHEIGHT);
if(dbImage == null){
System.out.println("dbImage is null");
dbg = dbImage.getGraphics();
//clear the background
//Individual Paint Functions Here
/* These most likely need to check the state first
REMINDER: Implement State Machine before going into all that


public void RenderImage(){
//Draws a pre rendered image of the game to the Panel
Graphics g;
g = this.getGraphics();


}catch(Exception e){
System.out.println("Graphics Context Error: " + e);

Any Help would be great,

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Ok, nobody seems to be able to find a solution to this. I've asked at school too, and neither my teacher or my classmates can figure this out. Really, what I'm asking is: How would I create my own method to draw a picture, this picture being the next frame (double buffer) and then without using JPanel's paintComponent() method, how would I paint that to the JPanel.

The reason behind the last part is that the call to repaint() is only a request that can be handled whenever the processor has time. I want to ensure that when I tell the JPanel to repaint, that it repaints right then.

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance,

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