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Vantage: Prehistoric Simulation Game (online) - Pre-Alpha

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I would like to announce that my game Vantage is now an online persistent world and I would welcome all of you to try it out.


Youtube trailer video:

Here is a breakdown of the game and some info on how the game is created:

You play a prehistoric human with the ultimate objective… to stay alive! Travel around the fully immersive massive 3D randomly generated worlds attempting to find any food you can eat. Make tools to allow yourself to hunt living prey, and build primitive fires so that you do not freeze at night. Explore the untouched wilderness, and learn about actual prehistoric tools and items that were historically used as you craft them first hand in the game. Take some stalks of a cattail, a sharp stone, and a piece of wood and make a primitive spear!

Vantage is created by Chris Allar. The game uses its own custom 3D “seamless” world engine and editor program called VantEdit. The game also has features like complete day/night cycle, and the power to create your own nearly unlimited sized worlds using VantEdit! Every object can be interacted with in the game. If you see a stone anywhere in the world, you can pick it up and throw it around!

Creating worlds for Vantage is a unique experience! You use a “plate tectonic simulator” to design the initial creation of the world, which places mountains, plains and islands in the world by simulation millions of years of tectonic movement, then edit the specific placements, use temperature terraforming and moisture algorithms.

Previously this game has been offline, but I designed it to be an online game so the conversion is mostly complete. You can create an account, log in, and play game with others.

Keep in mind this is still in early development. Though the game is fully playable I intend to be completely revamping the game play, and you will notice a piece of placeholder art here and there.

Links and Info:

Facebook Page (this is the community area for the game): http://www.facebook....265649860135120
Direct client download: Client.exe

Please let know of any suggestions/bugs etc. and enjoy.

Also, I will be looking for a non-paid environment artist, and animator to make a couple of characters, but I will officially post information on that soon.

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