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Horrible Artifacts, reading Texture Color Channels

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I'm getting horrible artifacts while reading color channels of some textures (DDS, BMP, TGA,...) in my PixelShader. I tried saving it as PNG, which somehow works, but I can't just do everything in PNGs, plus I need the extra alpha/greyscale channel.

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong here?
I tried various options in the content explorer but nothing works.

Here's the output of a channel from a texture:

Reading the texture with linear filtering makes those blocks turn into some kind of sphere artifacts.
What the hell is that ?

edit: Sorry forgot to say I'm using XNA 4.0

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I suspect what's going on is that the texture is being converted to a DXT compressed format, and is being dithered during conversion. This is usually a good thing as the compression ratio is up to 8:1 and the artefacts aren't usually visible when used as a normal texture at a decent resolution.

However it looks like you're mapping the texture so that there's only a handful of texels across the whole screen, which makes the dithering much more obvious.

Unfortunately I don't know enough about XNA to tell you how to turn that off.

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Well I'm using the texture either as normal or as a specular map (in the picture above) so I'm not sure what you mean by the mapping part.
Changing the texture size doesn't help either.

This seems to be on every map I use.
Except albedo textures, being PNG and all...

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Hurray, got it fixed. The solution was quite easy though not clear to someone who knows almost nothing about XNA's content import pipeline programming tongue.png
The problem was indeed the dxt compression, but in my content pipeline code there were those few lines missing, which made it impossible to change anything:

OpaqueDataDictionary processorParameters = new OpaqueDataDictionary();
processorParameters["ColorKeyColor"] = this.ColorKeyColor;
processorParameters["ColorKeyEnabled"] = this.ColorKeyEnabled;
processorParameters["TextureFormat"] = this.TextureFormat;
processorParameters["GenerateMipmaps"] = this.GenerateMipmaps;
processorParameters["ResizeTexturesToPowerOfTwo"] =

I guess that's what you get for blindly copying code from other people's projects : /

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