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Archer Alec Alpha

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Figured it would be a good idea to have a more appropriate Topic Title.

Archer Alec is a game i've been developing for around 2-3 weeks now and it is coming along nicely.* I only had to completely restart once.*
I plan for this game to have some qualities of a rougelike through procedurally generated levels and monsters to go along with them.
There will be serveral biomes and specific monsters will spawn in their respective biomes.

Once the player kills all the monsters in the level they may be rewarded with bonus health/dmg or something else.
And around the 5th level the player will encounter their first boss.
Bosses when killed will drop a random arrow upgrade which the player will be able to use. However there are only 3 slots to hold all of these nice upgrades. So when the player is killing that 4th boss and a new arrow is avalible they will have decide which upgrade to toss out for the new one, or not get the new one at all.

If you want to follow the development of this game, I will post updates here, youtube, and also on facebook where I'll post information/video updates.
Facebook- https://www.facebook...8315020?created
YoutubePage- http://www.youtube.c...es?feature=mhee

I accidententally clipped the gui in this video its just a simple health bar at the moment.

No sound in this one just showing some of the collision tech , the two biomes along with the "inventory"

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