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using array values to fill a Matrix

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Hi all, I am a rather unexperienced programmer and new to this forum.

In my current C++ project I am working a lot with matrices (using openCV) and arrays.

For calculations I need to use cv::Mat and often I want to put the values from an array in an cv::Mat

say I got the previously filled array "double A[3][3]" and I want to get a matrix with the same values. Now I would like to copy the values directly, something like so: Mat MatA = Mat(A). But as far as I know, cv::Mat doesn't take an array in any of it's constructors. So my workaround for this is to create another type cv::CvMat which CAN take an array, and then copying the data to a cv::Mat type, like so:

CvMat CvMA = cvMat(3, 3, CV_64FC1, A);
const CvMat* ptr = &CvMA;
Mat MatA = Mat(ptr, true);

This annoys me as I have the feeling it could be done way better. Does anyone know how? Otherwise I feel like writing a function just for that, so I don't have to type 3 lines each time.

Also, if I wanted to fill an array again with the values from a cv::Mat, I only know how to do so by fetching each value individually, like
A[1][2] =<double>(1,2);

I could write a for loop to fill them all. But once again, is there a better way to do this?


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Ok, I worked around it by making this function:

cv::Mat Transform::arrayMat(double *a, int r, int c)
CvMat CvMA = cvMat(r, c, CV_64FC1, a);
const CvMat* ptr = &CvMA;
Mat MatA = Mat(ptr, true);
return MatA;

then calling it like this (where A is a previously filled 3x3 array)

Mat MatA = arrayMat(&A[0][0], 3, 3);

If there is a standard way to achieve the same, I'd like to know

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