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OpenGL Creating more then one vertex or quad? Modern Opengl problem

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[color=#333333]Hey all I'm just trying to add another quad to my frustum and when doing so I get this weird little error.

[color=#333333]What happens is the bottom left side of my quad seems to stick to the near center point of the frustum for no apparent reason even when I change any of the vertex array values.

[color=#333333]I even looked through all my functions trying to find out which one could be causing this error.

[color=#333333]The closest I got too was that glfloat vertices array could have been the problem but since playing with every value in the - and non - values and going up and down on the number scale eg, 1 2 3 4 5 6 I come to the conclusion that I'm not doing something right but what ?..

[color=#333333]has anyone else experienced this issue and knows of any ways to bypass this or get rid of the problem alltogether?.

[color=#333333]here is my main.cpp file http://pastebin.com/g9q8uAsd

[color=#333333]thanks in advance

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You should check and see if sizeof(GUIVertices) returns the value that you think it should return.

Also, your function calls don't make any sense
glDrawArrays(GL_QUADS, 0, 6);
glDrawArrays(GL_QUADS, 5, 6);

because a quad needs 4 vertices, but your count value is 6.

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