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XNA 4.0 + Windows 7 (desktop OS) -> Multitouch events

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Dear community,

For my master thesis I need to be able to work with multi touch events on windows 7, using XNA 4.0. Now I've read that this is not possible from XNA itself anymore ([url=""][/url]).
This link has some 'workarounds' on the bottom, but I have NO idea where to begin...

Could somebody push me in the right direction, because I'm a bit lost now. I've heared it's possible to use WPF for touch events and then send those to my XNA project, but I have no idea how to do this and if this is even a good idea (my 'game' should work fluid(ish) on a MSI windpad110W tablet PC).

Anyway, thanks in advance!
Beste regards

Yannick Wellens

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