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[SDL][Urgent!]SDL_Mixer not playing music on other computers.

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I'm sorry for the tone of this post, but this is kind of really urgent, I have a project from school that is due tomorrow, and I just run into a pretty big bug.

I use SDL in my C++ game, that uses the SDL_Mixer library for playing music on the various maps in the game, now, everything works fine on my computer, but once I try to run it on any other machine, I just can't hear anything.
The files are fine and play well when I open them normally, all the .dlls are included and no error comes up, all the pathes are correct(Checking through console debugging), and all the files exist. I honestly have no lead to this, and I've been at it for hours now.

Anyone experienced anything like this before?

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Still haven't got this fixed, had to go with .wavs instead in the end, that did the job, but the final product weighed about 40 times what it was supposed to, and I lost the ability for fade outs that were neccassery.

Still, this showed me that .wavs still worked with SDL_Mixer when .oggs didn't, so that's an important tidbit, I would say.

Has anyone got an idea about this, as I'm still lost.

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