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Wanting to make persistent characters for the persistent game world

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Tecknowolf    170
I am working on a game design to be built on the HeroBlade engine, and was wondering if there are any suggestions on making persistent characters.

By this I mean having player characters have a full scripting ability with drop down menu and map way points or area radius where their characters can navigate. I want to make it so player characters will inhabit the game world even when they are off line to replace a majority of the NPC's that are currently in the game world. Something that is similar to The Sims and make MMO characters somewhat as animated and reactive as Skyrim was.

So are there any good resources or precedence for this type of design?

Also, if so, how much harder would it be to then allow micro managing of said offline persistent characters via a phone app, especially for merchants, vendors and similar professions?

Thanks for any suggestions

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IADaveMark    3731
There are plenty of good ideas... but really it all comes down to building a parameterized AI model that continues to run. What you are asking for is so domain specific that an answer would almost end up writing the design doc for you.

Is there a particular problem you are running into?

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