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Turn Based Strategy AI

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willh    160
Fantastic!! I'm so glad you ran in to the problem of determing a decent fitness function, and then solved it. Very educational. I think the important take away is that you found success when your fitness function was the sum of many different factors. It is critical that small tiny changes in fitness are easy and possible.

You illustrated perfectly why machine learning can be a cumbersome tool, but your results also demonstrated how fruitful the results can be. :). The next step, and I do hope you take it, would be to allow Henry to play against Henry. :)

Also interesting that you were able to use the GA to identify weaknesses in the game mechanics.

Well done, and thank you for sharing your progress!

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checkmarkgames    165
I originally intended for at least one other installment. I was going to add in some Fuzzy logic, but after some research I found that my idea of Fuzzy Logic was incorrect, I just wanted to add a little variance to the AI. I have become very happy with the current state of the AI. To get further progress, I need to finalize the game rules completely (should water spaces be uncrossable? should enemy units prevent collection of resources?) as well as add in the additional Undead faction which plays quite differently. Basically, I think I got about as far as I could with the state the game was currently in.

I then became engaged with improving the visual presentation and flow of the game. As a one man developer, I found a very useful way to stay motivated enough to finish a project is to follow my current passions and interests.

The short answer, is that I am done for now, but I would like to at least present a final summary at some point, and I think there is some opportunity to clean things up as well.

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