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Dario Oliveri

KTX Textures Tool (DXT1 compression)

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Hi ! I'm Dario and I wanted to announce my KTX texture tool.

Who don't know what KTX is, must know that KTX is for OpenGL exactly what dds is for DX. There are still no official GUI-based tools wich are able to export to KTX textures (AFAIK). My tool is plugin based, and has GUI, actually can load several images format and can export to KTX - RGB compressed textures. KTX will become more and more usefull, -there are almost no commercial engines supporting it. but it will be very usefull for OpenGL / GL ES based applications (and also for WebGL). The loader required is very simple. And I writed a KTX loader also for Irrlicht (this tool is writed using Irrlicht). It is still possible making a loader for KTX with DX (I just need some time to read DX documentation). So probably in future that format will be usefull also for DX (by the way I know DDS is preferred for now. but making another DDS tool meant to reinvent the wheel).

If you need a KTX loader and you are already using C++ / GLEW in next time I'll release also a C++ KTX loader, wich will make read your textures very easy.

My tool is only able to export to DXT1 compressed textures because they are the most usefull (most used) format. In future I planned to add support for exporting also compressed formats with alpha channel and 1D,2D and cubemap textures.




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