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Getting a PNG image from a resource file

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Hello. I got this one problem I need to solve, and it's putting and getting a PNG image from a resource file.
I followed these two tutorials: [url=""]http://content.gpwik..._Resource_Files[/url] and [url=""]http://content.gpwik...sing_SDL_RWops.[/url]
Bitmaps work, but I can't get PNGs on the screen.

This is the code I thought would work for loading an image from a resource file:

[code]SDL_Surface* CSurface::load_image(char *resource, char *File )
int filesize = 0;
char *buffer = GetBufferFromResource(resource, File, &filesize);
SDL_RWops *rw = SDL_RWFromMem(buffer, filesize);
SDL_Surface *loadedImage = IMG_LoadPNG_RW(rw);
//The optimized image that will be used
SDL_Surface* optimizedImage = NULL;
//If the image loaded
if( loadedImage != NULL )
//Create an optimized image
optimizedImage = SDL_DisplayFormat( loadedImage );
//Free the old image
SDL_FreeSurface( loadedImage );
//Return the optimized image
return optimizedImage;

... but it doesn't work.

I didn't touch the code from the tutorial where it creates a resource file, so that might be the problem.

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Are you using SDL_image? SDL can load BMP files but not PNG files. You need to use SDL_image to be able to load PNG files.

If you are using SDL_image on Windows, the Windows version comes with DLLs for different image formats. The DLL for PNG files needs to be in the same location as the SDL and SDL_image DLLs or you won't be able to load PNG files.

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Yes, I am using SDL_image. You can even see me using the command IMG_LoadPNG_RW().
I have all the necessary DLLs files in the folder where my game is.
I can blit PNGs when loading them normally, but it doesn't work when trying to load them from the resource file.

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