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Deep Space Settlement (RTS)

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I am proud to present Deep Space Settlement to GameDev.net! DSS is a real-time strategy game focused on empire building and grand-scale space battles. It is in development since February 2011 and is for PC Windows.
You are part of a multi-generational mission to colonize distant regions of space. Your journey brings you to a star cluster rich in resources and lightly populated. Or so it seems. Your goal is clear: setup a space settlement and thrive. Whether you choose to make allies or conquer through supremacy is up to you.

  • Build your interstellar empire;
  • Gather resources to power your empire economy;
  • Trade resources between star-systems and players;
  • Customizable ships;
  • Build giant capital ships supported by an armada of smaller, more maneuverable ships;
  • Create huge fleets;
  • Unlock new technologies;
  • Unlock new ship abilities through an XP system;
  • Defend from invaders and conquer new star systems;
  • Single or multiplayer;
  • High modding capabilities.

    Website :: Twitter
    Here is a video preview of a small battle:

    And the latest screenshots:
    Fleet editor:

    I am relatively far into development but there are still some features to implement. I hope to hit Alpha this summer smile.png

    Any comments and/or suggestions are appreciated.

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Hello Stephanie, first of all I'm glad to see you're so far into progress, and I hope you launch Alpha very soon!

I have a bunch of questions I'd like to have answered about your project:

  • What are (roughly) the system requirements to run the game?
  • It's not clear whether fleets can mantain position even when under attack, rather, in the video it seems every ship is operating individually. That is, can you command squadrons of ships to stay in formation for advanced combat strategies, etcetera?
  • Are you anywhere far into the plot? If so, can you give us a little peek?
  • This is more wishful thinking than anything else, but do you have any plans about porting it to Mac?

    All in all you got me interested but we'd appreciate more information about the development.

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I'd say the requirements would be something like Core 2 processor + GeForce 7900 Dx9 or Dx10. Although the game can be scaled up or down.

When you setup a fleet you have the option whether ships should maintain their positions at all time or can temporarily quit formation to chase an enemy ships. That greatly influences your strategy since staying in formation can give the ships bonuses (from other ships in the fleet). Bonus such as shield boost, anti-missiles protection, etc. But when corvette class ship (the smallest ship) quit formation and enter in a dogfight with another ship, they are harder to hit since they move very fast. Also they are usually better at close range depending on weaponry installed on the ship.
In the video, the ships are not part of a fleet, so they're free to chase any enemy they want.

The plot is very basic as of now. Your journey gets you to a star cluster where you have to set your colony and thrive. But your presence will not stay unnoticed for long. You will encounter a fierce enemy.

There is no Mac release planned. But I do not reject the idea completely.

Hope that answer your questions :)

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Hi Stephanie,
That video was awesome! I was also really intrigued by the Fleet System video on your blog. Looks like a fun game already, even with just the bare bones. Looking forward to seeing more!

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