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DirectDraw RGB Problem (Andre Lamoth sources)

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Hi all!

I have a problem with Andre Lamoth sources (based on directdraw, directx7):
wrong colors displayed.

.exe running at windows xp (virtualbox installed at windows 7, cause windows 7 doesn't support dx7), compiled in vs2008

videocard Radeon.

For example, i set triangle color like this

[code]poly1.color = _RGB16BIT565(0, 255, 0);[/code]

Looks like it must be green, but see attachement.

_RGB16BIT565 (tried two variants):

[code]#define _RGB16BIT565(r,g,b) ((b & 31) + ((g & 63) << 5) + ((r & 31) << 11))
#define _RGB16BIT565(r,g,b) (((b & 0xF8) >> 3) + ((g & 0xFC) << 3) + ((r & 0xF8) << 8)[/code]

In what may be a problem?

Thank you.

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