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Hello! My name is Aaron. I don't get on very often, but I'm really interested in getting into programming.

I'm working on learning C#, DirectX, and SlimDX / SharpDX to make up the difference. I'm not really interested in programming C++ but I realize I need to learn how to read it in order to understand the DirectX information I will find.

What I'm looking for is a huge list of books or blogs that I should check out that would help me to be a badass programmer.
I've already found a ton but I really need a good progressive list - like some beginner books and some more advanced books that branch out from there. Ones that I can read when I actually understand what they're telling me. Try to avoid anything outdated or soon to be outdated, because I'll be using this reference for a long time I imagine.

I can program a little but I don't really understand what the difference between a Stack and a Heap, or a BSP and a Quadtree, or exactly what Caches and Registries are. I'm not really looking for these definitions so much as a list of all of the words I don't know to ask about, if you get my meaning. I know a lot of stuff but it seems like one can learn and endless amount of information about this business.

I'm going to a university soon to learn how to be a skilled programmer, some of the teachers are rather talented.
More importantly I am willing to do [url=""]any amount of work[/url] for this! I just really would like to sink my teeth in as quickly as possible. I'm a clever lad so don't go too easy on me with the most basic stuff, eh?

Writing in C#
Reading C++ [color=#a9a9a9](Somewhat fluently, but I'm really not interested in programming in it)[/color]
DirectX10 and DirectX11
SlimDX / SharpDX
Graphics Programming [color=#a9a9a9](I want to render huge scenes more than I want to render pretty ones, but I do want to explore all the new technology)[/color]
[color=#ff8c00]Program Optimization[/color][color=#a9a9a9] (Please please please yes! I crave you!)[/color]
Low Level Audio Programming [color=#a9a9a9](I want to create a windows program that can synthesize instrument waves, scale them to a pitch, and create a melody out of it, maybe even generate sound effects that would simulate wind chimes, etc)[/color]
Networking [color=#a9a9a9](large scale stuff, I eventually want to be an expert at this)[/color]
Procedural and Noise Generation [color=#a9a9a9](I also want to be the next Perlin [img][/img] )[/color][color=#A9A9A9] [/color]
Cellular Automation
Error Skills [color=#a9a9a9](I can never figure out what things like "bootstrap.bootstrap failed to initiate" mean, and no one else usually has the same problem as me, and if they do they usually figure it out and say "oh wait, now i get it" and I'm all "please tell me!!" but they're long gone as they have their answer lol)[/color]
[color=#a9a9a9](Vaguely interested in)[/color] Simulating Physics

Just hook me up with some books that can keep me warm at night. [img][/img]

One last thing, books are really often requested so someone should pin a list!

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