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Making Money Form a 2D Web-Based RPG

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What are the best ways of making money from a 2d rpg game? It has 8-bit graphics with a small player base <50 players per day.

The game has options for customising the character and increasing the size of a vault where the player can store items, for a small fee. But this has only brought in a couple of purchases.

Is getting a sponsor a good idea? The sponsor could benefit from ingame adverts or some reference to their company. How would I contact a sponsor and what can I say to them?

Another thought was custom hats for the characters, it seems to have worked well for team fortress, but I don't see it taking off for this game.

The game has brought be me many hours of fun and although I can't contribute financially, I thought maybe you guys could help come up with ideas for bringing in a small income for the developer?

Anyway check it out and and share your thoughts please.

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