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Need some good support libraries for C++

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Quasimojo    279
I've been working on a simple text-based multi-player RPG as a learning project for C++. I'd like to get to a point where I have the necessary hooks available to move to a 3D graphical game - again, as a learning progression. I know, it's conventional wisdom that this sort of game is too ambitious for a first project, but it's the genre that I am most passionate about, and therefore holds my interest without my having to work at it at all. It's an endless source of motivation.

All that said, I find myself getting bogged down, spending an exorbitant amount of time on simple tasks like writing code for parsing and otherwise handling text. As such, I've decided to utilize additional libraries/frameworks to provide that sort of functionality (I know, "well DUH", right?).

Boost seems to be pretty popular for this sort of thing (data type conversions, string manipulation, etc.). Are there any other suggestions?

I'm also still trying to decide what to use for the program output/UI. I'm using Qt Creator, and at this point I'm leaning toward a console-type control on a Qt form, with the UI elements being simple form controls. The display will involve a combination of text and ASCII characters for graphical representation. I've considered using a terminal emulator, but I want more of a mouse-driven interface than that. I was hoping for suggestions on this topic as well.

As always, any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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medevilenemy    362
Boost is definitely the big one, containing libraries for a massive range of useful things. Depending on your experience level, I'd suggest doing some simpler things in order to gain a reasonable mastery of the C++ STL (and the C++ language itself) first. You'd be surprised how useful the STL itself is, despite not having too many fancy bells and whistles.

When you're ready for more advanced graphics, you'll have some things to think about, but take it one step at a time. If you want to have audio in this thing, I'm personally partial to OpenAL, but FMOD is also popular (though not as open), and there are others.

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