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Dani Denden

2d tile based map editor

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The project started at 3/22/2012 but is in constant updates

the project is a full open source and made for everyones free use

site address >

currently it can:
Load multiple Tile Set
manage lots of maps with as many layers as wanted
add custom data on every map
save / load maps
zoom (with mouse wheel)
show/ hide grid
Select Mode with:
Fill Option
Copy Option
Paste Option
Paint Mode - for simple artists =]

special features:

-save using your own dll :
just use map.dll and create a dll with a function with the folowing signature:
[ public static void Save(MapStruct map) ]

-add custom data to every map as numeric or boolean
for example add a boolean data to set tiles as "walkable"

Screen Shot from the program:

for more data >

i am looking for developers who wish to contribute for the project in any way >> ideas, help with development, graphics for buttons and stuff

if you want to talk to me its better to send me an email to >

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