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Isaiah Gilliland

I'm looking for a Co-Founder

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I've recently been working with a studio in Australia and was contracted to work with them to make an html5 browser game that they were contracted to make for intel. In the deal I got to keep ownership of the engine for this game as long as they could continue to use it without charge.

Now I'm sitting on this great html5 cutting edge game engine that I've been continuing to develop and make better. It's still in alpha but already has a game released with it and now I've partnered with the studio and have been helping them work on their next game with it.

To the point, I'm sitting on this great technology, that still admittedly needs polish, but is being and has been used in the field. I also am sitting on a hit game design I've made a prototype of in another engine that I showed to some developers of Crysis and who got addicted and fell in love with.

The problem is I'm only a one man team. I don't have extensive business experience and I'm completely self taught and without degrees. I want to create a startup with this already usable engine but I can't hope to get investment when I have invisible credentials. I'm looking for one or more partners that have credentials in either business or game development, hopefully both. Knowledge of the Javascript programming language is a plus.

I'm putting this here because it's technically different from a job post, but also I really don't know where to go looking for an experienced partner. I have a profile at [url=""][/url] but I have not begun fundraising or looking for investors as I know I really need a co-founder. I have some knowledge of the business and law but I'm not even sure how to go about making a sound business plan. Even an advisor would be nice to have.

Thank you

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[quote name='Isaiah Gilliland' timestamp='1333237387' post='4927054']
I'm putting this here [Breaking In] because it's technically different from a job post, but also I really don't know where to go looking for an experienced partner.
...Even an advisor would be nice to have.

I'm moving this out of Breaking In because it does NOT belong there.
Looking generously at your post, I'm willing to regard it as seeking business advice, rather than it being a Classifieds post. But another mod might regard it as out of line for its actually being a Help Wanted (Classifieds) topic.

So you want advice on how to find a business partner or an advisor.


That's how. Get out to game conferences and networking events. Get business cards printed, come up with a temporary business name, product name, etc. You want to be able to talk about your product, and having a name for it is better than calling it "my engine" or "my tech." And start writing a business plan. Rather than sitting there saying "I don't know how to write a business plan," Google some information on how to write them, and at least give it a shot. It's a hundred times better to have a half-baked business plan than nothing at all. You want to be able to show potential partners or advisors that you're trying (that you're not a woe-is-me no-idea-what's-what kind of guy). And you'll probably need to build a website.
This can cost money, of course, so maybe you should look into some of the crowdsourcing sites like Kickstarter.

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Thank you for taking my post generously. I wasn't entirely sure if it would be considered a classified, but I figured it was more a business opportunity while falling back to advice post. For the business stuff it's more of a time issue. My time is spent mostly on the Axis engine itself and collaborating with Omni Arts with very little available to research business and work on the business aspects. I sincerely thank you for your advice, and you may be right that having a half-baked plan would be better than nothing at all.

Networking hasn't been something I know how to do a lot, I'm near Dallas, Tx but somewhat on the rural side so online is my main option and the only place I know where there's a large amount of fellow developers is here so I guess this is my attempt to network haha

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