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disabling output filtering in windowed DirectX9

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I'm using DirectX9 for rendering video output onto the screen .
The library used is SlimDX.

The software created is used for marking bad pixels from the output device so it's vital that no texture filtering / smoothing is done.

I disabled all the texture filtering options , disabled anti-aliasing , and aligned the texture to the screen at 1:1 ratio between the backbuffer and the rendered texture.
Thing is , on some devices , DirectX seems to be doing some bilinear filtering / blurring on the output.

I need all the output to be blocky , with -0- filtering.
Since all the resize code is operated on the control itself ( no backbuffer resizing etc' ) , I don't have the option of resizing the backbuffer.

Weird thing is , this only happens on some devices , not all.

How do I tell DirectX not to smooth what it renders to the control ? ( disable whatever texture filtering is done to the back/front buffer )

Thanks in advance for any help (:

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