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Hiring experienced game-programmers[JAVA]

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I'm Oscar and i work for Hamstudios as Marketing CEO. At the current time we are hiring people for our small independent company, we do not have the biggest income, but are all splitting the income in % so if you want to work like that we could figure that out.

[b]Our needs for you to join the team:[/b][list=1]
[*]You should have worked with JAVA based programming for over 2 years.
[*]You should be able to work in a team with different kinds of people.
[*]You must have a good understanding in JAVA.
[*]You must have tried to make games before
[*]You should be mature and able to teamwork.
[*]You must know how to use Eclipse, NetBeans or any other Java Building Software.
[b]Some extra informations:[/b][list=1]
[*]You should download Skype ( we use this software to talk with each other, and host online-meetings)
[*]You must have a good picture/avatar which will be shown on our website under team.
[b]Why work at Hamstudios:[/b]
At ham studios everyone have their way of putting their own ideas in to our games. We have an excellent teamwork and great experience with creating games. We have in our company a few departments [b]Support Department, Technical Department, Sales Department. [/b]Hamstudiosis an independent independent game studio, and is not located on any specific address. We work at home and talk trough phone or Skype.We are an growing company, and have a few games in development.

We hope to hear from you!

You can contact us at<contact info removed> if you are interested in hearing more about this or if you want to join our team.

Moderator note: Please use our Classifieds section for recruitment/hiring ads, and not our technical forums.

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Hey there,
not personally interested but may I suggest you clean up that post to make it look more professional: typos, inconsistent spelling/capitalization of your company's name, missing punctuation, etc.. could be fixed to make a better impression. Also, you need to separate the tags using commas not spaces otherwise it just shows up as one jumbo tag. And you probably want to make a separate email address such as "" or "" so that you can cleanly separate support and hiring.

This is not a "shoot down" post, I'm just pointing out some things you could change to improve your chances of people responding to your post [img][/img]

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