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What exactly does the DirectX SDK install?

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aaron1a12    100
So I have begun developing with the DirectX 11 sdk, everything is fine on my computer and my app works great.

BUT when I move and open the application on another PC (which has the C++ 2008 redist installed) the game opens and then crashes.

If I install the DirectX sdk on the testing computer, the game runs fine, but I can't release my game to people along with the DirectX sdk! It's over 1 GB! [img][/img]

So what exactly does the DirectX sdk installer do so I can do the same thing with my installer for my game?

Many thanks.

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MJP    19754
If you make use of D3DX, XACT, Xaudio, or XInput, then you need to have the user install the the DX redistributable. You can find it in your DirectX SDK install directory, under "Redistributable". If you need to give it out, you only need to include the .CAB file for the latest version the component that you use. You can also direct users to the [url=""]web installer[/url].

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