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Gobang Social, an iOS game by Kwalee

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Hello fellow developers!

I am a programmer at Kwalee, and we've just released one of our iOS titles worldwide. Its a FREE turn-based 5-in-a-row game which you can play with your friends in a similar fashion to Words With Friends and Draw Something. We're after all kinds of feedback, good and bad, so let us know what you think! There's a couple of hundred people playing the game now. The best way to get started is to hit new game, login using Facebook and choose random opponent and send your move, or alternatively invite some of your friends.

All of the developers are active players, so you might get one of us [img][/img]

Couple of screenshots below:


And of course, [url=""]get it here free from the App Store.[/url]

Other links you might be interested in:[list]
[*][url=""]Official YouTube trailer for Gobang Social.[/url]
[*]Check out the [url=""]official Kwalee website[/url] sometime, we're frequently blogging about iOS and games development in general.

Basically, we're after any feedback we can get - the App Store is a learning curve for us and we're busy finding our feet. We've got several other games in development but this one is first to market. Feel free to ask me any questions you like about the game, or Kwalee in general. For those of you that don't know, Kwalee is a new UK smartphone studio formed by David Darling, co-founder of UK developer Codemasters.


Forgot to say there's an update in the works which will address several issues that our users have reported [img][/img]

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