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Laptop for University Programming

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Sorry if questions like this aren't for this forum, i just noticed some others so thought i would post.

Well i am going into final year of a HND Games Programming course, and onto the degree top up.

I want a laptop that can deal with Xna, Silverlight, Visual Studio, C++, C#, Java etc.

Now i have so far narrowed it down to two that are in my budget and there is a difference between them i cant tell which is better for programming than the other. However one is £50 more than the other at the "base" price.
Both are 15.6" screen size as i don't want any bigger or smaller and with Windows Home Premium.

Toshiba Satellite P750
Intel i3 2.3GHz
8GB Ram
GeForce GT 540M (2GB Graphics Memory)
640GB Hard Drive

Dell XPS 15
Intel i5 2.5Ghz
6GB Ram
GeForce GT 525M(1GB Graphics Memory)
500GB Hard Drive

Basically is the Differences between the i3 and the i5 laptop processors enough to go for the XPS even when it has less Ram, a lower Graphics card and less Hard drive space?

As the XPS is already £50 more than the Toshiba, and upgrading the system with anything to get it closer to the toshiba in the ram, graphics or hard drive department puts it over £700 and my budget which ideally is only £600 to begin with, I would rather go with the Toshiba if the difference between processors is minor.

I am guessing for lower level games programming both of these are maybe overkill, but i want it to be futureproof for the next 2/3 or more years, so spending more now to save upgrading later.

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Either of those two laptops is fine. I would go for the one with the lowest power consumption. If they have similar batteries, it means I would go with the one with the longest battery life (it's usually easier to find that in the specs). The reason is that low consumption also means less heat to dissipate and less noise (because fans are noisy).

You can learn how to program on just about anything.

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Yeah the Toshiba says up to 6 hours, and the Dell i guessed is 5/6 but it doesn't actually say, Oh and anyone else reading the price difference is just for the online price of the toshiba, it is actually the same price as the dell in-store at where i would get it, so makes little difference there then.

Well getting tired of either having to take desktop home to do work at breaks or struggling on the netbook i have had for years instead.
So a laptop seems a good way of doing the work either at uni or at home during breaks etc,

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It might also be a good thing to keep warranty in mind. I don't know how things are handled over there, but in my case almost every class is dependent on the laptop and the last thing you want is to have a broken laptop and wait for god knows how long before it gets fixed. In some cases for some of my fellow students, it meant 2 to 3 weeks of a delay in their work, which could be catastrophic.

In that regard I would be in favor of Dell. My laptop broke once, but because of the extra warranty I bought with it (which was somewhere around 80 euros or something) for 3 years. I called, they came the next day and fixed it, leaving me very happy.

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