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OpenGL Cannot Change Position of Bitmap String

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I am trying to use openGL to make a simple GUI. Currently I am attempting to display some text. I used this function to display a bitmap string on the screen:
void RenderSpacedBitmapString(int x,int y,int spacing,void *font,const char *string)
glColor3f(0.75, 0.75, 0.75);
const char* c;
int xs=x;
for (c=string; *c != '\0'; c++) {
glutBitmapCharacter(font, *c);
xs = xs + glutBitmapWidth(font,*c) + spacing;

Updown is a variable that is supposed to scroll the text up and down by changing its position. I use this GLUT key function to change it:
static void key(unsigned char key, int x, int y)
if (key=='q') {
} else if(key=='w') {
} else {


The current program generates stats for resources for a crafting system and displays them on the console with cout. It also uses the bitmap strings to post them to the GLUT window. They display perfectly in both places, but I just cannot move them on the GLUT window.

Probably a terrible solution but I solved it.

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