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Alternatives to Torque2D?

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NicoG    172
Are there any?
Torque2D has a good price, a good editor, but also some minor flaws like the handling in the editor, esp. for animations, and no cpu multicore support.
I could not find anything like Torue2D which is not tailored towards iPhone and Android.

What I am looking for is an engine that comes with an intuitive set of tools like an editor, scripting and modern accelerated rendering.
I don't care for any smartphone support.

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JohnColgrove    100
Have you tried Unity? They have a free license available. Plus you can sell your games with that license royalty free. Also, don't be confused with the 3D part in the name. Unity is very capable of 2D games. My only complaint with making 2D games in Unity is the lack features tailored for 2D games (Tilemaping for one thing).

If you need a 2d specific engine you could always go with game maker.

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