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Hy, I am a 2D/3D artist and want to get into programming to extend my creativity. I know is alot to learn, the good thing is I got time. I am pretty much a NES/SNES/MAME/Neo-Geo... 8-16bits games like Ninja Gaiden, Last Blade, Metal Slug, The King of Fighters... retro games in general type of guy [img][/img]... what is the most efficient way to develop this kinda games? What programming language will be the most suited for this ?

So I want to bring back old school [img][/img]

What I would like to start in the future is a game maybe like:

Mapplestory is nice but more story less grinding.

and what about space 4x games? like future... a modern version of Distant Worlds or Star Ruler

these are some quick examples

So for now I am thinking C# or Java, maybe a good engine out there that has the power to do most of what you see in these videos... or to start from scratch. So It needs to be easy, fast, powerfull to do the job. I was thinking C# with Unity for 3d games not sure about 2d, and Java for 2d games, my only experience with any type of engine was Valve Hammer Engine I did around 10 maps for counter strike 1.6 a long time ago [img][/img]. Thx in advance.

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