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c++ making game engine

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Making a game and making an engine are two completely different things. I wouldn’t recommend developing an engine for some one who knows some basics about c++. First I would start [url=""]here[/url]. As you learn more about the c++ syntax and code structure begin making games utilizing the console. Start with games such as minesweeper, checkers, maze navigator. Ensure to use new techniques that you've learned to ensure that you fully understand how they work. After you have a good understanding of pointers, memory management, classes and inheritance, templates, and file io I would move on to working with OpenGL. Its a lot easier, in my opinion, to get started with. Create some games using just simple blocks, spheres, and triangles. I would recommend games such as 3d pong, tetris, and even some 2d games once you understand loading bitmaps. Through working in opengl you should be able to find yourself making games. Remember though its not a race, ensure you fully understand everything or else you will find yourself confused very quickly and just copying code that you find on the internet. Good luck.

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