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2D Co-op Alien game of Survival (The Earth: An All You Can Eat Buffet)

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My name is Eldon. You might know me from the art asset packs I distribute in the Marketplace. I'm developing a commercial quality game and it's 70% done. I have a video link and webpage for you to take a look at. The game is really close to being released and I would like to ask your support. This is a my first major game project.

[size=3][b]The Earth: An All You Can Eat Buffet[/b]- is a top-down coop adventure against overwhelming odds. You can build bases, repair, revive, level up, summon troops, and more. It's kind of a hybrid of survival, strategy, and RPG.[/size]

[b]*The kickstarter page is:[/b] [url=""]http://www.kickstart...-can-eat-buffet[/url]
[b]*The Official web page is:[/b] [url=""]http://www.roencia.c...takoutgame.html[/url]

-I only have 29 days on Kickstarter to get people to notice it. For those that support I'm offering a copy of the game, 1000's of 2D graphic assets, and a chance to be in the game. You can watch the Kickstart video below:


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