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Network Game Algorithms - Reduce Traffic

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Hello Community

I'm several years experienced with programming business client applications, but I have not much idea about networking in game development.
I will start a simple project, to be honest, a multiplayer snake game based on JavaScript with the new jWebSocket-Framework.

However, the internet traffic is a bit high if I synchronize every position change of the game entities. For simple games like Snake that doesn't matter, but anyway. I'd like to reduce this traffic. So, I'm wondering whether there exist well practiced algorithms for that.

I would be glad aboud any responses or just links.

Kind regards,


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Sending input instead of actual game data is often used in games that would otherwise have to send a truckload of data. There are other challenges that come into play though, you'll have to make sure both games are synchronized or your players will be seeing different things on each end.

Well known article on the matter: [url=""][/url]

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