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MeshNormals template

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MeshNormals template looks as below:

template MeshNormals
< F6F23F43-7686-11cf-8F52-0040333594A3 >
DWORD nNormals;
array Vector normals[nNormals];
DWORD nFaceNormals;
array MeshFace faceNormals[nFaceNormals];

I downloaded some examples x-files and analysed the code and I see that nFaceNormals in MeshNormals is always equal to nFaces in Mesh template. It is OK. But [b]I don't understand why in some x-files nNormals from MeshNormals template isn't equal to the nVertices in Mesh template. [/b]It is sometimes much less number. This is something which I don't understand because how it is known that normals[i] from MeshNormals template is related to which vertices[j] in Mesh template? I guess that for those "j" which are greater than "nNormals" the normals[i] are undefined. Am I right?

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