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Fullscreen App causing 2nd monitor to black out

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floydzep    100
Does anyone have some knowledge on why running a DX game fullscreen on one monitor would cause the second monitor to go black screen?

I would be most grateful!

Basically, whenever I go fullscreen in my game, the second monitor just goes all black. I'm not doing anyhting fancy, and even the DirectX Samples do the same thing on my computer. Is this a known problem? Any work-arounds?


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Dragonsoulj    3212
It could be due to the fact that some fullscreen methods make the background color black, and going fullscreen means you are taking up everything, so it is filling one screen and blacking out the rest. I believe Windows Media Player does that on playback with dual monitors, extended desktop option.

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DJTN    207
You might want to give some more information like:

what OS?
Number of graphic cards ? Crossfired?
Card mfg?
DX version?

Using one video card with extended desktop on windows7, I can tell you that both monitors share the same driver and you can get full true screen on both of them but if you have multiple adapters (video cards) you cannot. It's a Windows 7 limitation.

Depending on what you're wanting to do, you may be able to manually turn off the Desktop Compositor but this can be a bit sketchy + its deprecated.

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