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Unity Articles on tile-based simulation Games? eg SimLife, SimEarth, etc?

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miketucker    100
Anyone have good recommendations for articles or books on simulation games?
Probably more likely to find theory rather than actual code.. But fyi, i'd be using unity3d

If not specifically to sim games, maybe some of the individual concepts like:[list]
[*]simulation cycles
[*]how to efficiently deal with different rates of simulation? loops? timers? eg: NPC movement at 30hz whereas tree growth is 0.01hz
[*]distributing the functions efficiently across frames?
[*]tile systems
[*]efficient neighbor checking
[*]giant 2-dimensional arrays?
[*]objects occupying multiple tiles
[*]simulating tiles on an individual basis like the classic falling sand game ([url=""][/url])
a lot of stuff, but i'd really appreciate any resources you can pass on..

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laztrezort    1058
Cellular automata topics may be of interest, here is an article that springs to mind:

Note sure if this would be useful for your case, but it is an interesting optimization for CA:

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