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Where can I find a decent tutorial?

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I've been wandering around and looking at tutorial after tutorial, following them line by line and failing at hello world every time. Quite frankly it's frustrating. The reason? I use Fedora and C. I don't use C++, I can't use Python (won't install correctly...long story) and Java is completely out of the question. So I went and learned C.

So far, it's been a great language to learn, very precise and useful. Of course, there's a few things that I'd like to do the easy way, but I've found that actually bashing a problem through with C gives me not only a much better understanding but a faster program. (I'm happy with C, don't want to change).

Now. This is where the problem comes in. If I want to create an 'interface' things become...tricky. Now I've heard that GTK+ is one of the better ones and if I really want to jump in the deep end...OpenGL. Can I get either of them to work? No.

Every site that I have found thus far has told me I need "this package", "that package", "the other package". Unfortunately it doesn't tell me what they're likely to be called, nor does it tell me how I can find them, where to download them from or the like. Just to be a pain in the... I believe. I believe I've tracked down many of the problems.

I write down the hello world basic program, use GCC to compile...and I get error. Pkg_config/Gtk-config doesn't exist...something that the tutorial failed to mention I needed in the first place and not a package name in sight...

Can someone please provide me with a usable, accurate, C based, linux orientated tutorial!

Or heck, is someone open to email communique to introduce me to the subject matter?

All I need to do at the moment is just to create a basic hello world program in either C/OpenGL or C/GTK+. I am pretty sure after that I can go on my merry way.

Thanks for reading!

Ps. I don't need a C++ tutorial, I don't need a C# tutorial. I need a C...I hear it's sometimes called Objective C...the one shortly after B and before C++. Thanks.

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Objective C is not the same as ANSI C. It is more similar to C++ and C#, mainly used for MAC programming, and I doubt that an Objective C tutorial is what you are looking for.

I don't know what type of program you are writing, but SDL is a C graphics library with no other dependencies. Tutorials at [url=""][/url] are in mostly C. They use some of the C++ standard library for strings, but that appears to mostly be it.

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What you need is documentation for GTK+ or for OpenGL. I would concentrate on one of them at a time. For GTK+, try [url=""]this[/url]. If you don't have gtk-config it means you haven't installed GTK+ correctly.

EDIT: What OS are you using?

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