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Beginner Concept artist, Need improvement on character concept.

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amile duan    99
Well,your drawing looks rough indeed,but it's OK as you are just a beginner.
Try to draw more clearly at some important parts.If you have no idea of the look,you may search some references on the Internet.
Learning from others is always a good way to improve you own skills.

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Ashaman73    13715
[quote name='Dahamonnah' timestamp='1333899889' post='4929340']
i need someone to make a (better) concept art for this character which i made (which i will then proceed to model and animate etc.) sorta like a remake of my concept.
How much are you willing to pay ?

Other than that I would invest time in learning concept art. Here are some starting hints:
1. Buy a book about learning drawing (you will get some for 10-20$)
2. Work from references.
3. Practise,practise and after this you still need to practise alot.
4. Creature concept 101: learn to make concepts from existing animals first, then try to combine different aspects of animals into the design/concept of your own creature (->reference).

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sunandshadow    7426
I taught a free character design class at Deviant Art a few months ago, the lectures and assignments from it are still available for anyone to read: [url=""][/url]
Also, mine was the advanced class, if it seems to complex you can look for the lessons from the other instructor(s) who taught a non-advanced section.

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