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Recep Balta?

Change default graphics adapter

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Recep Balta?    100
Hi guys,

I have a laptop with two graphics cards. One is Intel, the other is nVidia. I wanted to now if it is possible to set the nvidia as system's default graphics adapter via registry or some low level way.

This is not a question about Optimus and switching between graphics. I want to know the API level changing of default D3D renderer. Every application will use nvidia by default.

To do this, nvidia must be the adapter that is shown when I am in DXDIAG. I have actually achieved that once by disabling Intel. But the probem is, Intel is responsible for the display output. So, when I disable it, DXDIAG shows nvidia es default but the screen goes black. (I have connected to my PC via Teamviewer to experience that).

So, both adapters need to be active, yet the default D3D renderer should be nVidia. Whenever a game or software starts, the address they refer to should show them nvidia as the graphics card.

I have installed DX SDK but did not saw that option in any of the tools. Waiting for your good advices.

Thanks in advance

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JuliusDegutis    377
Maybe nvidia software has this ability? Roommate have new laptop with two GPU's and by nvidia drivers set nvidia as default (i think, don't asked alot about it)
Or try ask your laptop support, they maybe could answer how to do it.
I have myself two gpu's on my laptop, and they are switched by button. So only one gpu is active at the time

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